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My Grandson leading prayer for the blessing
at Union Mission, Norfolk, VA.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Ephesians 6:4. Selah

Kingdomworker Christian Ministries is not a large church with major facilities or supporters. We are not even a fancy formed for profit or non-profit. We are located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and exist as an outreach ministry to the homeless and needy in our community. The hopes and prayers are to one day open a small church and outreach facility for the homeless. At present our physical location is our home, the "our" being my wife and I and we go mobile when we serve. All collecting of items we give away to help the homeless or needy is organized at our home where we wash, sort and bag clothes we receive in a zip lock bag for give away. In years passed I bought clothes from yard sales and where ever to give to the poor as my tithe, but age and fixed income has put an end to that. Now we receive and distribute freely what we receive from folks like yourself. Also, I have a few old freezers in my garage for food donations. The garage doubles as our storage area for blankets and dry goods. My screened front porch serves as drop off area. We pray any service we offer for our time at each location will be a place where God is glorified in everything we do, the Holy Spirit unites us in one body to the heart of Christ, and in our fellowship with Christ and each other we share the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with all who will listen.

We are devoted to performing the work God has called us to do, that being to "feed the hungry, cloth the naked, and comfort the sick". We strive to do this by first meeting the physical needs of His people, and in this effort, unite with others in the body of Christ to bring food and clothing to those who need it most, help find housing for those sleeping in the woods and on the street without adequate shelter, and bring comfort to the hurting and lost by our acts of love. By them seeing God's people working together for them and their physical needs, our desire is all we encounter will know we are Christians by our love and the spiritual feeding can begin as God wills. To this end today, we see Church where ever the Lord leads us, and love as best we can those we meet in our journeys.

One of the most important things the Holy Spirit has laid on my heart is I hope seen in my faithful witness to you, those of you walking with Him and those seeking Him, that I have willfully given my life as a bond servant to Jesus Christ and rejoice in telling others of the hope and joy that comes with this act of faith on our part. We are a mobile church to the needy that does not receive money or solicit it. Instead, I have a mailing list where I challenge folks to use from your own belongings those things such as food and clothing that the less fortunate in our community can always use. Our individual giving together in love for our neighbors is truly what church is all about.

Henry N. Justis, Kingdomworker Christian Ministries